Construction investment project management unit using official development assistance capital, Can Tho city

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Quang Trung Bridge - "gateway" to Can Tho city before traffic opening time

Quang Trung Bridge has completed the last items on the site, ready for the traffic opening ceremony to put into use before the new year 2021.
As noted on the site, after nearly a year of construction and upgrading of Quang Trung bridge has been completed, all work has been prepared for the traffic opening ceremony taking place in the afternoon of December 31.
Vice Chairman of City People's Committee - Nguyen Van Hong together with leaders of departments inspect Quang Trung bridge before the traffic opening day
The old Quang Trung Bridge before being upgraded, the bridge has deteriorated, frequently congested and traffic accidents occurred. Upgrading Quang Trung Bridge under the Can Tho Development Project and urban resilience  strengthening (Project 3). Funding for the project implementation comes from the World Bank loan and the support capital of SECO Switzerland. The project is invested by the Can Tho ODA Project Management Board and started in early 2020.
Quang Trung Bridge before the official day of traffic opening.
Mr. Nguyen Minh Tri (living in Cai Rang district, Can Tho city) excitedly said “I see Quang Trung bridge is now very spacious, luxury and has a very beautiful landscape design. I am very happy to see that Quang Trung bridge is widened, which makes it easy for people to commute whenever they go to the center of Ninh Kieu district, no longer afraid of traffic jams.
Quang Trung Bridge is outstanding at night in the city.
Together with the joy of being able to walk on the spacious Quang Trung Bridge, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh (living in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city) could not hide her happiness  saying that my family was all excited, our business will be more convenient, no more traffic jams when commuting across Quang Trung Bridge. In the afternoon, there is a place to for a group walk while watching the city

Quang Trung Bridge has completed the construction, ready for the traffic opening
According to the Can Tho ODA Project Management Board, up to now, after nearly a year of urgently construction, the project to upgrade Quang Trung bridge, unit 1, has been completed, eligible to traffic according to regulations.

The project has a total length, direct bridges and access roads about 869m, of which the bridge section is 481m long. After being renovated and upgraded, the old Quang Trung bridge (unit 1) is located parallel to the new Quang Trung bridge (unit 2), forming a spacious and airy Quang Trung bridge, increasing the width of the bridge  to 22m with 4 lanes and 2 sidewalks, contributing to enhancing urban traffic connectivity between National Highway 1A and the central roads.

Quang Trung Bridge will contribute to reducing the traffic load through the main roads of the city, especially solving traffic congestion at rush hours. Moreover, Quang Trung Bridge also plays a role as a lever to promote economic development, attracting investors to Can Tho City.

Previously, Vice Chairman of City People's Committee - Nguyen Van Hong together with leaders of departments of the city had inspected Quang Trung bridge to be well-prepared for the traffic opening ceremony.

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