Construction investment project management unit using official development assistance capital, Can Tho city

oda project management unit
The World Bank highly appreciated the implementation progress of project 3

On January 29, Vice Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee, Nguyen Van Hong, together with leaders of departments and the City's ODA Project Management Board had a meeting with the World Bank Mission led by Mr. Marc Forni - Chairman of the Project Can Tho Development and Urban Resilience Strengthening (Project 3) is the team leader

Photo 2: The view of the meeting of leaders of Can Tho People's Committee with the World Bank Mission.

At the meeting, Mr. Marc Forni - Project 3 Manager expressed his pleasure when the city had a specific plan, committed to reciprocal capital, and ensured the progress and objectives of the project. Mr. Marc highly appreciated the recent progress of implementing; The project is on the right track, with double the implementation progress compared to the first year of implementation. Mr. Marc wants to continue promoting the pace of work

According to Mr. Marc, the objective of the Technical Support (Component 3) plays a very important role in the implementation of the project of Can Tho Development Project and urban resilience strengthening, so it is necessary to have enhance the coordination among related departments and units to complete the project. This will bring Can Tho city to become a pioneer "role model" in sustainable development in the Mekong Delta region. Therefore, in the coming time, the World Bank Mission will regularly come to the city to update the project situation as well as to remove difficulties.

Photo 3: Vice Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee, Nguyen Van Hong talks with Mr. Marc Forni - Project 3 Manager

Vice Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee, Nguyen Van Hong highly appreciated the support of the World Bank in the process of the project implementing in the area. Vice Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee said, in the near future, the People's Committee would study a plan to establish a room or center to urge the coordination of related units. Vice Chairman of Can Tho People's Committee committed to the World Bank to continue speeding up the works, ensuring quality on schedule.

Vice Chairman of Can Tho City People's Committee said that the city hoped the World Bank would continue to support the city's important infrastructure development investment projects in the coming time.

Previously, the World Bank Mission worked with the city ODA PMB and related agencies to discuss techniques, information technology design, applications and system operation with consulting about Building the Spatial Planning (SPP) and Building Flood Risk Management and Information System (FRMIS), which are the expertise and knowledge tools that support the “Smart City” to be modernized and integrated to manage flood risks in Can Tho City.

Photo 4: Director of ODA PMB exchanged information with the World Bank Mission

At the working sessions, related units reported on the implementation results of bidding package. Accordingly, with the construction of the Flood Risk Management Information System (FRMIS) up to now, the contractor has completed the preparation of design documents and specifications for SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition; make a system design profile, specifications and equipment to support the establishment of the FRMIS Center; hydraulic model FRMIS running with scenarios, collected data ...
Photo 5: Building the foundation of the spatial planning supports for Smart City

Besides, the Construction of Space Planning Platform (SPP) was promptly collected by the contractor; installing server at the Department of Information and Communication; completing technology transfer training courses; standardize all data to the server system; complete the applications on the website ...

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