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Urgently complete Tran Hoang Na Street and put into use before Lunar New Year

Tran Hoang Na Street - a route that has an important meaning in overcoming urban traffic congestion in the city, is being urgently completed and ready for use during the Lunar New Year, meeting the expectations of the citizens

Tran Hoang Na street has been covered with plastic mats and soft separators are installed.
According to the Can Tho ODA Project Management Board, the construction of Tran Hoang Na street - the section from Nguyen Van Cu street to Tran Hoang Na bridge (package CT3-PW-2.2) is under the Can Tho Development and Strengthening Urban Resilience (Project 3). The total length of the route is over 2,63km and the contract value is over 191 billion VND.
Tran Hoang Na road has been drawn with a lime dividing line the lane and road parts. 
This is a key traffic project that contributes to completing the infrastructure of the city, promoting socio-economic development, and embellishing urban in the central area (Ninh Kieu district). When Tran Hoang Na Street is completed and put into use, it will reduce the load on Nguyen Van Linh road...
Tran Hoang Na road has been completed the section from Tran Hoang Na bridge to 30/4 street, serving the travel needs of people properly

 The construction unit is preparing equipment to install traffic signal systems on the Tran Hoang Na route.
Up to now, the work has completed most of the main items; construction units are urgently completing the construction of sidewalks, lighting, installing traffic lights to serve the travel needs of people during the Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021.
Workers are installing traffic lights.
According to the Can Tho ODA Project Management Board, over the past time, the city leaders and the Board regularly urge and require the construction units to gather equipment and manpower to speed up the progress and pay attention to work quality; soon completed and put into use before the Lunar New Year.
Over the past few months, the work has been strengthened to accelerate the construction progress and soon handing over the road into service of the travel needs of the citizens.
Over the past several months, the construction units have increased the manpower, construction equipment, and the construction unit has also arranged the force to work overtime in the evening to speed up the work.

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